Blockchain Institute aims to make a significant contribution to the development of Blockchain technology and facilitate its practical implementation. At its core is the Research & Development Lab, which brings the entire development cycle to fruition — from the internal logic of the system, to its interface, all while researching and experimenting with new technical solutions.
Blockchain Institute together with Ethereum Foundation invites researchers and developers to take part in working on a whole range of challenging, ambitious and top-of-the-agenda tasks in the field of blockchain development.

Currently, there exist quite a lot of systems based on blockchain technology. However, a great deal of aspects of their operation, especially with regard to rigorous proofs and strong evidence, remain poorly understood: from the description of the dynamics of large distributed economic systems and the classification of various ways to achieve consensus in them to the study of the latest cryptographic protocols and the construction of the most effective abstract languages ​​for creating smart contracts.

The solution of the tasks posed will require the correct use of developments in such areas as game theory, network science, theory of finite automata, economics, cryptography, computer science, etc. The output of working on these tasks will largely shape the new blockchain ecosystem, which is now being actively created around the world.

R&D Lab
The Research & Development Lab is the core of the Blockchain Institute. Realizing the entire development cycle, starting with the internal logic of the whole system and ending with its interface, we aim to focus to a large extent on research work experimenting with new technical solutions.
This allows us to preserve the applied orientation and pay special attention to approbation and implementation of the developed algorithms and software packages. The team of the Lab comprises researchers, developers, analysts, engineers and UX/UI-specialists who closely cooperate with partners in the development of the solution: they determine the appropriate use case of the technology; they evaluate the necessary and sufficient functionality; and finally, they develop the proof of concept and plan the product release.
The laboratory is designed to conduct interdisciplinary research, which reflects the very essence of Blockchain technology that emerged at the junction of several directions, including related industries: the theory of distributed computing systems, computer science, algorithm theory and public-key cryptography.
If you are interested in collaborating with us, please confirm your interest and contact us as soon as possible — we are ready to discuss your project.
In order to solve research problems, a special grant fund powered by the WAVES Platform has been created. Fund resources are used to support research groups from around the world. You can now indicate your interest by sending an application for a grant in the following categories:
Research of sidechains with cryptographically verifiable inter-ledger atomic swaps.
Along with generic research special focus is on Proof-of-Stake account-based blockchains.
Randomization in Blockchain-based systems with application to secure Proof-of-Stake algorithms.
Development of RANDAO-like algorithms focusing on strict security proofs and feasibility in production systems.
Non-turing complete smart contracts research.
Sigma protocols research, zero-knowledge proofs-based languages with provably finite execution time.
The selection of the applications will be carried out by the expert council of the fund, which includes well-known representatives of the Blockchain community.